Meat Locker

Our selected cuts from the meat locker is grilled and served with your choice of potatoes and sauce.

For two persons

Porterhouse 1 195 sek/kilo

T-bone shaped cut that contains one part of the sirloin and one part of the fillet. Selected from the best animals and cured for at least 30 days prior to serving. 
Recommended degree of doneness: Medium rare.

Club steak 1 195 sek/kilo

Meat from the rear part of the beef sirloin. Consists of sirloin steak with bone. Wonderful to grill
Recommended degree of doneness: Medium rare/medium.

For one person

Cognac flambéed pepper-rolled beef fillet
150 g, 419 sek / 200 g, 529 sek

The fillet is the most tender and lean piece of the beef. By many people regarded as the finest cut. We serve it rolled in our home made peppermix and then flambeed in cognac just before serving.
Recommended degree of doneness: Rare/medium rare.

Entrecôte 250 g, 429 sek

Entrecôte is a cut with a rich fat marbeling which makes the meat both tasty and tender. 
Recommended degree of doneness: Medium rare/medium.