With an appetite for life

Passionate cooking. Respect for the produce. Love for the guest.

Please be seated

Cooking in its purest form is timeless. The tradition of cooking from scratch is what connects us to our roots. Bringing out hidden flavors through drying, pickling, smoking, and slow-cooking shows humble respect for all living things. Carne Grill combines the finest meats with premium fish and seafood. The restaurant has a burning passion for local specialties selected by season. Honest northern Swedish flavors incorporated into dishes with our own unique twist, including options for vegetarian preferences. Wine is the elixir of life. Our locally sourced delicacies are something special. The taste adventures of cheeses open up for more. Desserts are composed for spontaneous heavenly expressions. To accompany it all, a bar offers meetings with something new.

Our menus

Everything begins with an idea. The seasonal changes inspire us to find new flavors with unexpected combinations. The tireless work of the producers does justice to the dishes. The drinks that enhance the evening are our well-known suggestions for you.

Upcoming events

On selected evenings, something special happens. Book yourself a place at the table. A whole world of new flavors is coming your way.

To book upcoming events, use the Boka ett bord button at the bottom of the page. There you will see our bookable events.

The wine cellar

Our secret lies down a flight of stairs. A hidden treasure trove that we exclusively share for the moment. Wine is our burning passion and hidden strength. Our guests are our friends. And with those closest to us, we share our innermost thoughts. The cellar's hand-selected wine list is alive and changes character with each harvest and storage. We have well-established contacts with classic producers and meet new and exciting wine houses that may become your new favorites in the glass. Our own sommelier, Petter Nyberg, leads the way to wines waiting to strike new notes.

Private dining

There are times when the rest of the world is not invited. It is time for something different. An intimate experience between you, your company, and us. We call it private dining. Around our food, the evening has space to write its own story, disconnected from the noise of the street and the daily tasks. A winding dining experience is allowed to go through the kitchen's boiling cauldrons and down to the coolest nooks of the wine cellar and up to new heights. We are with you as a loving guide all through the night that never ends.