Private dining

An intimate invite

There are times when the rest of the world is not invited. It is time for something different. An intimate experience between you, your companions and us. We call it private dining. Around our food, the evening has the opportunity to write its own story, disconnected from the noise of the street and the everyday tasks. A winding food experience runs through the boiling kettles of the kitchen and down into the coolest corners of the wine cellar, and up to new heights. We are there as a loving guide along the way to an endless evening.

Private dinner

An evening to remember, just for you and your company. Choose freely from our entire menu for a full dinner, without any limitations. You decide the dishes and drinks yourselves. We advise, inspire and serve all evening. The only thing we ask is that the bill exceeds SEK 8,000. If there is a difference up to that amount, it will be added to the bill.

Five dishes for everyone

Our large tasting menu features five favorites from tonight's selection. The entire party can enjoy what we recommend as the highlight of the evening. The sommelier's selected wines are included with all dishes For SEK 1,990 per person. The same menu with the equally selected alcohol-free wine package is available For SEK 1,490 sek per person.

Royal Carnivore

The dinner that beats everything. We present a perfect evening where nothing will be missing, either for you or your party. A dining experience for true carnivores where the entire restaurant's professional skills can fully blossom. What is difficult or unattainable becomes yours on this one occasion. Elusive winemakers and rare vintages suddenly become available. For SEK 3,995 per person, the whole party is served the best the kitchen has to offer. Please contact us a little in advance. In order for us to be able to ensure the availability of the best produce, we need a week's notice. It will be worth it.

Get private

Sometimes, one does not want anything to disturb. No alarm, no other eyes and ears than yours. Book a session where you and your company play the lead role. For 6 to 12 people, the secret stays between us.

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The wine cellar

The message is describing a hidden treasure room located downstairs that is exclusively shared and used as a wine cellar. The passion for wine is strong and the guests are considered friends, with whom the host shares deep feelings. The wine list is carefully selected and constantly changing depending on the harvest and aging. The host has contacts with classic wine producers and also discovers new, exciting wine houses that could become favorites for future tastings. The house has its own sommelier, Petter Nyberg, who guides guests in the right direction for trying new and interesting wines.

Tack för
din förfrågan

Vi har nu tagit emot din bokningsförfrågan. Vi undersöker hur bokningsläget ser ut under just din kväll och kontaktar dig så fort som möjligt. Är det något du vill ändra eller lägga till är du välkommen att höra av dig. Du kan kontakta oss via mejl eller telefon 0920-200 700. Det enda du behöver uppge är vilket namn bokningen är gjord under så ordnar vi resten.

Thank you
for your request

We have received your booking request. We are checking the availability for your desired date and time and will contact you as soon as possible. If there is anything you would like to change or add, please let us know. You can contact us via email at or by phone at 0920-200 700. All you need to provide is the name under which the booking was made and we will take care of the rest.