Selected drinks

What’s in the glass makes the dinner ramp up. We have some new experiences ready to share with you. Our genuine knowledge and great care for the producer makes it happen.

The glass is half full

This is our latest menu. If you want to plan your evening in advance, you can read all about the wines we currently have in stock or see which pre-drink suits you best. The night is young. Let it begin.
Star Wine List

The stars in the wine sky

To be chosen is something special. We are incredibly proud to have qualified for a spot on Star Wine List. It is a dynamic compilation of restaurants around the world that take wine just as seriously as we do. Star Wine List's top lists and well-renowned events are a great source of inspiration for wine enthusiasts. Restaurant Cg is now on the map, and that suits us well.

Private dining

There are times when the rest of the world is not invited. It's time for something different. An intimate experience between you, your company, and us. We call it private dining. Around our food, the evening has the space to write its own story, disconnected from the street noise and the daily obligations. A winding culinary experience goes through the kitchen's boiling pots and down into the coolest nooks of the wine cellar and up to new heights. We are with you as a loving guide all through the night that never ends.