Garlic Bread 109 sek

Gruyere gratinated garlic bread with parsley sallad, olive oil and aioli.

Lobster Soup 189 sek

Lobster soup with shrimps, shallots, chili, cucumber, roasted chili oil and croutons.

Vendace Roe Classique 25 g, 349 sek / 50 g, 600 sek

Kalix vendace roe served with butter fried toast, sour cream, red onion, lemon and dill. 

Cg’s Meat Platter 198 sek/699 sek

For up to four people. This evening’s charcuterie selection with olives, olive and tomato tapenade and grilled bread.

Limited Availability

Oyster 45 kr/sek

Main courses

Reindeer 439 sek

Grilled and glazed reindeer sirloin with puree of Jerusalem artichoke, baked and pickled shallots, deep-fried Jerusalem artichokes, tokaji-flavored gravy, sprouted almonds, smoked Västerbotten cheese, parsley, and parsley oil.

Cg’s Meat Selection 498 sek/person

This evenings selection of cuts from the meatlocker with your choice of sauce and potato. Served for minimum 2 persons.

Dry-aged Chuck Eye 498 sek/person

Grilled dry-aged chuck eye served with béarnaise sauce and choice
of potato.

Fillet of Beef 150 g, 419 sek / 200 g, 539 sek

Béarnaisesauce and your choice of potatoes.

Pepper Steak 150 g, 419 sek / 200 g, 539 sek

Seasoned with our own pepper mix. Served with pepper sauce and your choice of potatoes.

Pepper Rolled Fillet of Beef 150 g, 449 sek / 200 g, 549 sek

Fillet of beef rolled in our home made peppermix and then flam- beed in cognac just before serving. Served with pepper sauce and your choice of potatoes.

Entrecôe 250 g, 469 sek

Grilled entrecôte served with your choice of sauce and potatoes.


Cloudberry 155 sek

Warm cloudberries with vanilla ice cream, salted caramel sauce and Madeleine cookies.

Crème Brûlée 155 sek

Classic Crème Brûlée.

Cheese 135 sek

Please enquire about the evening’s selection of cheeses and accompaniments.

Ice Cream & Sorbet 55 sek/scoop

Ice cream or sorbet with accompaniments. Please enquire about the flavours of the evening.

Petite Sweet of the Evening 55 sek

This evening’s truffle with accompaniments.