ENG 02 – Fasta menyn

Starters Garlic Bread 109 sek Gruyere gratinated garlic bread with parsley sallad, olive oil and aioli. Lobster Soup 189 sek Lobster soup with shrimps, shallots, chili, cucumber, roasted chili oil and croutons. Vendace Roe Classique 25 g, 349 sek / 50 g, 600 sek Kalix vendace roe served with butter fried toast, sour cream, red […]

ENG 03 – Säsongens råvaror

Starters White Asparagus 229 sek White asparagus with yuzu hollandaise, deep-fried egg, guanciale, watercress oil, yuzu dressing, and watercress. Snail 179 sek Gratinated snails with sobrasada butter, lemon and grilled bread. Tartar 259 kr Beef tartare with ramson cream, pickled tomato, mustard seeds, chili oil, roasted almonds and silver onion. Main Courses Mezzalune 298 sek […]