Flavors of the autumn 179 sek

Celery root, apple and beets with vinegar and browned butter emulsion, semi-dried lingonberries, brioche croutons, smoked cheese, tarragon and tarragon oil.

Seabass 219 sek

Miso and soy charred seabass with nuoc cham, ginger and sesame cream, chili, green onions, trout roe, enoki mushrooms, shiso cress, topped with chili and ginger oil.

Tartar 259 kr

Tartare made from fillet of beef with cheese and mushroom cream, silver onions, semi-dried blueberries, pickled mushrooms, smoked marrow and vinegar, mushroom chips, and chives.

Main Courses

Agnolotti 298 sek

Agnolotti filled with pumpkin and ricotta served with sautéed porcini mushrooms, funnel chanterelles, roasted pumpkin, sage, browned butter, and parmesan cheese.

Arctic Char 359 sek

Baked fillet of arctic char with glazed pointed cabbage, soused leeks, butter sauce with fermented white asparagus, lovage oil, celeriac, trout roe and rosé salad. Topped with potato crisps.

Pig from Järvtjärn 339 sek

Grilled chop from Järvtjärns pigs with baked apple, onion, grilled pointed cabbage, sprouted almonds, västerbotten cheese, parsley, gravy and vinaigrette with parsley and almond.

Venison 479 sek

Miso, umeshu, and soy glazed venison loin with potato puree, plum, umeshu-flavored gravy, smoked marrow, and mustard seeds.


Lemon 145 sek

Profiterole with earl grey and lemon ice cream, lemon cream, lemon toffee, charred lemon and salt-roasted almonds.

Chocolate & Blueberry 145 sek

Chocolate mousse with blueberry ice cream, marinated blueberries, blueberry cream, and toasted hazelnuts.