White Asparagus 229 sek

White asparagus with yuzu hollandaise, deep-fried egg, guanciale, watercress oil, yuzu dressing, and watercress.

Snail 179 sek

Gratinated snails with sobrasada butter, lemon and grilled bread.

Tartar 259 kr

Beef tartare with ramson cream, pickled tomato, mustard seeds, chili oil, roasted almonds and silver onion.

Main Courses

Mezzalune 298 sek

Mezzalune filled with ricotta, nettles, and spinach. Served with mint pesto, grated pecorino, lemon zest, and crispy nettles.

Pike-Perch 379 sek

Grilled pike-perch fillet with green peas, mint pesto, fresh spinach, kohlrabi, potatoes and blanquette sauce.

Arctic Char 369 sek

Baked fillet of arctic char with braised fennel, baked leeks, charred cucumber, sea buckthorn beurre blanc, and dill-tossed potatoes.

Lamb 398 sek

Grilled lamb loin with white asparagus, ramson, sobrasada, risotto, and a parmesan-sobrasada crust.

Veal 419 sek

Grilled veal ribeye with green peas, shallots, sweetbread, vinegar, potato puree, potato chips, dill oil and gravy.


Rhubarb 145 sek

Caramelized rhubarb with vanilla cream, rhubarb and raspberry sorbet, oat flakes and cardamom meringues.

Churros 149 sek

Churros with dulce de leche ice cream, kumquats and chocolate sauce.