ENG 02 – Fasta menyn

Starters Garlic Bread 109 sek Gruyere gratinated garlic bread with parsley sallad, olive oil and aioli. Lobster Soup 179 sek Lobster soup with shellfish, radishes, cucumber, croutons and dill oil. Vendace Roe Classique 25 g, 398 sek / 50 g, 650 sek Kalix vendace roe served with butter fried toast, sour cream, red onion, lemon […]

ENG 03 – Säsongens råvaror

Starters Flavors of the autumn 179 sek Celery root, apple and beets with vinegar and browned butter emulsion, semi-dried lingonberries, brioche croutons, smoked cheese, tarragon and tarragon oil. Seabass 219 sek Miso and soy charred seabass with nuoc cham, ginger and sesame cream, chili, green onions, trout roe, enoki mushrooms, shiso cress, topped with chili […]

ENG 05 – Köttskåpet

Meat Locker Our selected cuts from the meat locker is grilled and served with your choice of potatoes and sauce. For two persons Porterhouse 1 195 sek/kilo T-bone shaped cut that contains one part of the sirloin and one part of the fillet. Selected from the best animals and cured for at least 30 days […]

ENG 07 – Barnmeny

Childrens Menu Hamburger plate 90 sek 60 g hamburger plate with french fries. Meatballs 99 sek Cg’s hand-rolled meatballs with cream sauce and with french fries. Fillet of Beef 209 sek 90 g grilled fillet with French fries and your choice of sauce. Beef Skewer 149 sek Grilled skewer of beef fillet with french fries […]

ENG 01 – Innan maten

Before the meal Sparkling Champagne 175 sek Empreinte de terroir Brut,Domaine Collet NV Cava 109 sek Delapierre Brut Tradition NV. Prosecco 109 sek Le contesse Prosecco Brut Organic NV  Non-Alcoholic sparkling 99 sek Richard Juhlin Non-alcoholic Blanc de Blanc Wine A glass of the house red/white 109 sek Red: Carodorum Expression White: Domaine de la Majonne […]

ENG 06 – Någonting på sidan

Side dishes Potatoes 45 sek French fries Potatoes au Gratin Rost Potatoes Garlic and thyme roasted potatoes topped with parmesan. CG Fries French fries with espelette pepper, parmesan cheese and garlic. Others 75 sek Pork Belly A slice of Cg’s grilled pork belly. Vegetables 60 sek Tomato Salad  Beans Beans with salsa chilena and roasted […]

ENG 04 – Menyer

CG’s menu of Norrbotten The best from Swedish Lapland Menu: 895 sek—Wine offer: 399 sek Beer offer: 298 sek From the sea Vendace Roe Classique Kalix vendace roe served with butter fried toast, sour cream, red onion, lemon and dill. From the High Country Reindeer Grilled and glazed reindeer fillet with baked celeriac, glazed carrots, […]